Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Mechanics of Success

Sometimes staying on plan can be as basic as the following scenario:

Wake up:  Make decision to eat 1st Medifast Meal within 1 hour of waking.  Then do it.
Drink 15 ounces of water.
2-3 hours later:  Make decision to eat next Medifast Meal.  Then do it.
Drink 15 ounces of water.
2-3 hours later:  Make decision to eat properly weighed and measured Lean and Green Meal with the appropriate number of healthy fats added.  Then do it.
Drink 15 ounces of water.
2-3 hours later:  Make decision to eat next Medifast Meal.  Then do it.
Drink 15 ounces of water.
2-3 hours later:  Make decision to eat next Medifast Meal.  Then do it.
Drink 15 ounces of water.
2-3 hours later:  Make decision to eat next Medifast Meal.  Then do it.
Drink 15 ounces of water.

This is the dynamics of the plan, and if we can manage to have our Medifast routine running in the background (like a constantly cycling computer program) while we fully live our lives in the foreground, then we aren't missing out on ANYTHING, but we ARE creating something amazing in our lives.  One decision at a time.

Happy Medifasting!  Rinse and Repeat!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

You CAN do this, but only YOU can do this!

This was a brand new concept for me when I learned it, but it has changed my life.

Ever feel like the cards are just stacked against you?  Ever feel like everyone in the office is out to sabotage your weight loss efforts?  Ever feel like your MIL made that lasagna out of spite, that she doesn't want you to succeed?  Ever feel like your cat who just hurled a big juicy one on the kitchen counter where you make your morning shake is determined to see you fail?

Well, I have one concept for you to remember which will especially come in handy for the next 3 weeks of seemingly endless office potlucks, open houses, and family get-togethers.

Are you ready for it?  Well it's in the title so I already gave it away. 

You CAN do this, but only YOU can do this.  It isn't your co-workers responsibility to throw down rose petals in front of you as you walk, or stop making microwave popcorn on the break because it might throw YOU over the edge.  It isn't your MIL's intent (well maybe it is, but you don't have to let on that you are aware of it) to sabotage your weight loss efforts, and even if it IS, isn't the best response to get healthy anyway?  Your cat is just your cat, and is disinterested at best.  =)

So let me ask you, are you at the point yet where you are realizing that this journey is up to NO ONE BUT YOU?  That YOU determine how you will act today?  And that your body will respond to what you put into it today, whether it be a perfectly 100% On Plan Day or whether you throw yourself under the bus before lunch with those Starbucks Cake Pops?  Yeah I'm talking to YOU LOL. 

And I'm talking to myself also.  I am going on a cruise this next week, and I have planned to set myself up for success.  I already know that wine is my weakness, I already know that chocolate mousse has the power IF I ALLOW IT THAT POWER, to charm me right over the edge.  I could blame it on the waiter for asking.  I could blame it on the menu for listing it.  I could even blame my sweet Father, who is taking my sister's family and my family on this wonderful cruise, and say he is really out to get me.  Sure, I could do all of that.  But at the end of the day, my success depends solely on the decision I am willing to make at any particular moment.

No one is duct taping me to a chair and forcing me at gunpoint to say "I'd like a glass of house red please".  Not one person.  Well, I could argue that my inner brat has secretively been taking target practice lessons without my knowledge, she does seem to get smarter every day, but no.  I digress.  My point here is that no matter what happens to ANY of us over the next 3 weeks, it is our responsibility and ONLY our responsibility to make our OWN decisions.

So, come January 1st, what will you be able to say?  Will you say "I did it!" and be down 5-10 pounds from where you are right now? 

Or will you be one of the ones who say "Blah blah blah stressful blah blah blah my sister blah blah blah my MIL blah blah blah stupid cat blah blah blah wine blah blah blah office party couldn't offend blah blah blah no one knows I'm on Medifast blah blah blah couldn't blow my cover blah blah blah

Cuz you know it is only YOU who can do this.  You do know that, right?

(And just one more afterthought....if no one knows you are on Medifast then you may as well NOT lose weight.  So you are kind of shooting yourself in the foot there.)

Happy Medifasting!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

We were emotional eaters....

We were emotional eaters.....
Ever wake up and just not feel it?  Not be "in" to it?  Not be "excited" to do it?  Not be "jazzed" about it? 

Ever wake up and feel...ambivalent about what you will eat today, ambivalent about your Lean and Green?


Why do I say that?  Because you are now beginning to understand that this process does NOT have to be an emotional roller coaster in order to work.  We don't HAVE to feel all gung-ho and motivated and rah-rah every single day or risk crashing in to the gutter.

We CAN continue to decide, on a rational basis not an emotional one, that we will go about our 5&1 day anyway, no matter whether we "feel" like it or not.

And it is imperative that we do exactly that.  Because we were emotional eaters, we don't have to be emotional dieters.

What is an emotional dieter?  Someone who only sticks to the plan if they are feeling like it.  Tell me, do you consult your feelings when you fill up your car with gas?  Do you consult your feelings every morning when you wake up, to determine whether you feel like staying married to your spouse today or not?  Do you consult your feelings when you go to brush your teeth?  No?  Then don't consult your feelings every day regarding whether you will stay on plan.  Just stay.  On.  Plan.

"But my motivation, my resolve, what do I do when it isn't there?"

Simple.  You do the plan.  Just like any other day.  That is, if you desire to achieve your goal of attaining and maintaining a healthy weight.  Quit relying on your emotions all the time to determine your action.  Emotion actually FOLLOWS action, and sometimes it doesn't.  But either way, your fat doesn't care how you feel.  Your fat responds to what you do or don't put in to your body.  Simple. 

So determine with your MIND that this is a commitment, whether or not you are "feeling" it, you chose this.  YOU chose this, it wasn't foisted upon you by someone else.  So stick with your commitment and do this thing. 

Happy Medifasting!  Rinse and Repeat!