Wednesday, June 22, 2016

It's Time For an Intervention...On Myself

I have decided to stage an intervention with/on myself.

Why do I need this?
What is it?
How is it accomplished?
When do I plan it?
What's next after that?

Why do I need this:

I have noticed, with glaring clarity, that I have let my healthy habits slip over the last 2 years. It was gradual at first, so much so that I allowed it to slip seemingly "unnoticed" under the radar. Then it picked up steam, and unhealthy habits crept in, ON MY WATCH!

How does this happen?

It happens gradually at first. Perhaps I let a few days go by without getting my water in. I let a few weeks go by without taking the time to exercise. I don't adjust my intake. Ergo, my body begins to respond to the new instructions I am giving it, namely, it starts storing energy again. We all know how the body stores long-term energy for a rainy day.

Then the jeans get a little tighter, but no worries, I've got a few sizes in my closet (up to a 6, and one or two 8's) so I simply graduate to the more comfortable jeans. All the while there is a voice in my head saying "well, you know exactly what to do, you can always hop on the program and drop those few pounds..."

Except, the "always" is never TODAY. THIS MOMENT. NOW.

Eventually, I can't wear many things in my closet anymore. Despair begins to creep in. Can I really do this? I keep saying I should, I keep saying I will, but another day goes by.

That ended yesterday, I went 100% back on my program not because I DON'T want to be overweight, but because I DO want to be my best, my healthiest that I can be. I KNOW what that feels like now, and I WANT IT BACK.

I am fully committed to utilizing all the tools in my toolbox to attain and maintain optimal health. What are those tools?  Well it is our program. Our WHOLE program. And our WHOLE program is not a "diet" it is not "just the food" it is not simply what I put in my mouth and when. The "Healthy Body" aspect of our program has three components:

WHAT I EAT: The Weight-loss portion (however long it takes based on my goals), then Transition (6 weeks), then Maintenance (the rest of my life). All very structured, but NOT all product dependent. The weight-loss portion and Transition IS product-dependent, because our program has dialed in on and fully harnessed the science of fat burning, so it is very effective at accomplishing this through five portion-controlled meal replacements and one healthy meal of protein and veggies that I can either cook myself or purchase fully-prepared. Transition is also product-dependent, but gradually decreases the portion-controlled meal replacements I need every day by replacing them with other food while simultaneously increasing my calories from the weight loss portion GRADUALLY in a very structured manner to reach my Maintenance calorie target-range. All of this I work closely with my health coach, who supports me, to accomplish.

WHAT I LEARN: The educational component of our plan allows me to actively learn healthy habits and learn the skills to support my new healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, this becomes just another "diet" and DIETS FAIL. I engage my mind, set goals, and establish my identity as a healthy person.

WHAT I LIVE-COMMUNITY and SUPPORT: I plug in to a like-minded community of people who are pursuing health, and seek to inspire them and be inspired by them. My health coach is always my health coach, whether I am in weight-loss mode, transition or maintenance, and the greater community supports and encourages also.

So what is all this "intervention" business? What is it?

I am not covering old ground here, I have never staged an "intervention" on myself before so I'm kind of new at this, but this is what it looks like for ME.I have decided to take a "Health Retreat" to focus on the above aspects of our program, and focus on my personal development and spiritual development. I am kidnapping myself and will begin the reprogramming and build around myself an environment of health, both outwardly and inwardly.

I am taking 11 days for this intervention. With the support of my family, who have always encouraged me to be my best, and the very real support of my health coach, I am doing this for ME. I am putting my oxygen mask on.

My days will consist of staying 100% on plan, walking, reading my Bible, reading Dr. A's Habits of Health (part of our educational/skills component), working on "Living a Longer, Healthier Life" workbook, journalling, dreaming, goal setting, and remembering who I am. I am a person who has made a fundamental decision to BE optimally healthy. For awhile there I practiced short-term amnesia and lived as if I weren't a healthy person. I am deciding. I am making my mark, drawing my line in the sand, taking responsibility, WITHOUT JUDGMENT OR CONDEMNATION of myself, and moving forward.

The first part of my retreat, 5 days, will be spent in Sedona Arizona. The second part of my retreat, 7 days, will be spent outdoors in a tent in Oceanside California. Yes, it is extreme. Yes it is exciting. Yes, it is an adventure. I may not put to rest 100% the team of rivals in my head which fight to pull me back into NOT living the life I want to live, but I will definitely be finding ways to reframe the negative chatter and lies they incessantly speak into TRUTH. This will take their power and influence over my actions AWAY. I will learn how to relegate their suggestions to white noise status, and turn down the volume on that white noise.

Of all this I am confident. I am hopeful, yes, but I am turning hope into a strategy, and turning the strategy into action.

I will be blogging DAILY during this 12-day "Health Retreat" so stay tuned for updates! My retreat begins on July 5th. In the meantime, I am DOING THE DO of the weight-loss portion of our plan, so I can enter my retreat with 2 weeks of action under my belt (or GONE from under my belt more like it!).

What is Next After That?

Life. My life. The life I have chosen, being the person I feel I am called to be. And to quote one of my inspirations, a "Daily Commitment to be Consistent."

Rinse and Repeat!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

One Day

Then, one day, she began.

To be continued...