Saturday, May 20, 2017

Creating Health or One Big Bummer?

Do we look at this process of becoming optimally healthy as a CREATIVE PROCESS (a big bag of "CAN's") or a RESTRICTIVE PROCESS (a big bag of "CAN'Ts)?

What's the difference, and why does it matter?

First off, it DOES matter, and it matters in a HUGE way, a paradigm-shifting way!

Are you thinking about what you can create with this process of becoming optimally healthy? About what awesome and positive ways your life will change as a result of the process? Are you stoked when you wake up in the morning, knowing that you are stepping one day closer to making that creation which exists in your mind a REALITY? Have you READ Dr. A's Chapters 3 and 4 yet?


RUN, don't walk, to your Dr. A's Habits of Health book and crack it open to chapters 3 and 4. After you do, don't use it as a coaster or as a placemat, but read the thing and it may be one of the best 45 minute investments of your LIFE. C'mon, you got time, you really do. You're reading THIS, aren't you? OK so STOP reading this and go find your book, and read those two chapters......

I'll wait........