Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Think on These Things

I remember when, in a pretty dark time in my life, I struggled DAILY to muster enough emotional energy to even get out of bed in the mornings. As soon as my eyelids fluttered open there was already a cacophony of shame, feelings of unworthiness, and the incessant chatter in my head every waking moment which screamed “See, you’re NOT enough. Told ya. You’ll never succeed an anything. You don’t have what it takes. You’re not welcome. You’re a bother, a nuisance, you’re just a place-holder in this life, taking up oxygen and biding time until you die.”
The echo-chamber of my thoughts was a dismal place to hang out.
And it was a choice to keep thinking this.
It was MY choice.
I didn’t think so at the time, I thought I was simply destined to “have low self-esteem,” and further, I believed God disapproved of any efforts or attempts to “improve my self-esteem”, that somehow it was wrong to “think more highly of myself than I ought”.
I wasn’t emotionally available for my family or for myself. I look back at those years that I wasted in a cycle of self-depreciation and self-defeat, and I don’t regret them. On the contrary, I’m grateful for them.
What I didn’t comprehend back then, and what I’ve been learning these last few years, is that people (including myself) can put labels on the growth process and I think we do that to try to define it in some concrete terms so we can “poo-poo” it as “not for us” so as not to feel even WORSE about ourselves, rather than stepping into taking 100% responsibility for where we are in life TODAY. Taking responsibility means that we look at our current mindset, our current health, our current habits of thinking and our current emotional management and take an ACCURATE assessment of the choices we’ve made and the consequences of them, with an attitude of gentle loving kindness and grace, and become fully aware of WHO WE ARE TODAY, in this moment, and understand that WE CHOSE IT.
I didn’t THINK at the time that I WAS that person because I chose to BE that person. None of us who have been through times like that THINK “It’s my fault”, and yet deep down we DO really think “It’s my fault” which adds to the confused thinking.
But you know, it’s NOT our FAULT. It’s our CHOICE.
Once I decided I wanted to change my thinking and began to step into that process of designing my life (including my thought life) around what mattered most to me, the people, mentors, and the tools showed up in my life! In fact they were there all along, had I been looking for them I would have recognized that, and when I did recognize that, I saw they were there.
One of the books that a dear friend and someone I consider a mentor recommended to me was “Switch on That Brain” by Dr. Caroline Leaf, a neuroscientist. She speaks of taking control of our thoughts, taking control of what we focus on and pay attention to, and becoming a master at it!
We CAN change our unhealthy habits of thinking, but only WE can develop those new healthy-thinking habits.
It’s a skill, and it felt awkward beginning that process, but so does any new skill!
Now I surround myself with relationships, people, and things that bring me joy, to reinforce and prompt me with visual cues to exercise healthy thoughts! I feed my brain good things, read books to learn more about the growth process and apply it practically in my life. I listen to podcasts that stretch and grow me, and I stay curious!
And when those echoes of old unhealthy thought patterns show up on my radar, I know I don't have to sit with them, entertain them, ruminate on them, or water them. Because WHATEVER we water, WHATEVER we FEED, WHATEVER we focus on, GROWS.
“So keep your thoughts continually fixed on all that is authentic and real, honorable and admirable, beautiful and respectful, pure and holy, merciful and kind. And fasten your thoughts on every glorious work of God, praising Him always.”
-Philippians 4:8 (TPT)

Saturday, May 25, 2019

I Lost Half of Me Three Times in Twelve Years...

I lost half my size three times in 12 years* and transformed my mind
Reflections: I lost half my size 3 times in 12 years and transformed my mind in the process. What’s Going On? General thoughts starting back up to ASU tomorrow for my last class of my Masters Degree, and how THIS Fall semester is going to be WAAAY different than the first Fall Semester of my Masters Degree was. I gave myself a bit more experience during my Obesity Prevention and Management Masters Degree than I had planned. Call it my unofficial, unplanned practicum. And the valuable lessons I learned along the way. #losthalfofmethreetimes #losthalfofme #peoplewholosthalftheirsize #losthalfmysizethreetimes #healthyhabits #healthcoach #healthycommunity #healthynutrition #habitsofhealth #nevertoolate #firstsaywhoitisyouwillbe #dowhatyouhavetodo #stopdreamingandstartdoing #missionfit #mycoachstacy #optaviacoach #optavia *In a clincial study the group on the optimal weight 5&1 Plan lost 10 times more weght than the self-directed group. Average weight loss on the Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan is 12 lbs. Average fat loss is 10 lbs. Clients are in weight loss an average of 12 weeks.
Posted by Stacy Coar Phillips on Wednesday, August 15, 2018
I don't know if there is any sound on this, it's my first time trying to embed a video, so here's the link to the full video on my YouTube channel:

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

What's the RISK?

And the trouble is, if you don't risk anything, you risk even more.

This is a curious world, we are always assessing "risk". 
"What will they think of me if I...."
"What if I end up being disappointed?'
"What if it doesn't work out?"
"What if it makes me uncomfortable?"
"What if I have to change?"
"What might I have to give up if I........"
What will I risk?

We think we are protecting ourselves from "risk" by simply staying the same, staying where we are, yet we then resent the feeling that we're somehow "stuck".

Well, consider THIS. Maybe we're feeling STUCK because we're forcing ourselves to mitigate all the risks of ACTION in advance, playing that narrative over and over in our brains, and our brains are pulling the emergency break and saying "you'll be safe so long as you stay right where you are. Don't breath, don't move, because if you DO, the scary things will find you and eat you up." Because that's what our "survival brain" does. It resists change. Any change, even positive change. Ever make a decision which on the surface appears to have NO foreseeable downside, but does involve change, and in the next hour/day/week/month our brains seem to find all sorts of reasons why we SHOULDN'T act on it or go that direction? All sorts of "possible scenarios" about how it "could go wrong" or "this could happen" or worst case "stick man warning" signs that seem to just appear out of nowhere? That's our brain resisting change. Some call it "paralysis by analysis" and I'm here to tell you, it's REAL.

Tell me, have you considered the "risks" you are taking by NOT doing that thing that is in your heart to do? That dream you have? The risks that could happen if you don't even TRY? Try THOSE risks on for size and see how they feel.

My friends, it's time to consider the flip side of that coin.

Next time you find yourself thinking about all the risks you may be taking to take that leap of faith, with all the uncertainties that come with it, ask yourself what you risk if you DON'T?

Do firemen risk physical harm when they run into a burning building to save lives? Is that not a dangerous thing, full of risk? Is there a chance they will get injured, or killed? And yet they do it. Why? Because it is what they are trained and equipped to do...after they set their intention on becoming a firemen and get busy BECOMING a fireman.

They didn't decide to become firemen to mitigate the risk. Paramedics become paramedics to help save people's lives. Some ride in helicopters every day. Army medics save lives in war zones. Have you ever seen the movie "Hacksaw Ridge"? They know there is a risk involved in these vocations, and yet they do it anyway. Now if you're not a risk taker by nature, there are plenty of other "safer" occupations to do, which are also noble and needed! The fact is people can get hurt and killed just about anywhere.

Two people sitting in their cars, likely with their seatbelts on, stopped at a red light on a busy street in rush hour in Seattle learned that this week when a crane fell on them and crushed them. A beautiful 60 year old lady observing the Sabbath with her congregation last week learned that when a gunman opened fire. Her first instinct was to throw herself in front of the Rabbi, saving his life and ending hers. She did not foresee any risk that morning to being with her community, and yet she never came home. I wonder if she mitigated the risk before she acted as a human shield? If she did, it was in a split second, and maybe she decided the bigger risk that mattered to her was what would happen if she did NOT act.

But how about those dreams we have, sometimes buried deep inside us? Those things that maybe we feel like we're "not enough" or "not ready" or "not capable" to do, or feel like "someday I'll...." but that someday never comes because we're always thinking "someday"? What if we change that to "Today I will........" or "Today I CAN....." or "If I COULD do that, what would it look like?" Truly, think about what you risk if you DON'T instead of what you risk if you DO.

We can never alleviate all the risk to living. Question is, what life do you want to be living, NO MATTER THE RISK?

Food for thought.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Inspiractional Libs: Reframing Our Narrative and Self Talk


Five years ago I began to "drift" in my own health. I had been a health coach for 5 years, had lost 150 pounds, and had maintained a healthy BMI for 3 years. Some would have looked at my journey as an example of success, an example of how to "lose weight and keep it off...." (which is diet mentality right there), and I would have agreed with them. However, I began a slow "slide" back into unhealthy habits by DROPPING some of my healthy ones, or at least being a little inconsistent with them (at first...because that's always how it STARTS...just a little slip here, a little slide there, a little mindlessness here, a little "I'll start for reals and get super serious tomorrow" there) you know the drill, and you probably know the story of what happened after that without me even having to fill in the blanks. I could probably make a mad lib, and you could have a little fun with it, maybe even fill in your OWN version if you, like me, procrastinated on making a shift back to health!

I'm so _________(insert emotion, perceived state, or external circumstance)
Suggestions include:
Emotions: overwhelmed, stressed, discouraged, ambivalent, upset, blah,
State: busy, tired, sick, sick and tired, stressed, confused, ambivalent, stubborn,
External circumstance: broke, relied upon by others, overworked, overscheduled, busy,

today, I can't possibly practice healthy  ________________________ (insert healthy habit)
Suggestions include: eating, motion, stress management, sleep, community, emotional management, goal setting, revisiting my why, assessing my current reality).

because I have to ____________________ (insert action).
Suggestions include: go to work, go to school, visit a friend, run errands, wash the car, file my taxes, organize my sock drawer, study, write a paper, think about why I’m not writing my paper, schedule my week/month/year in my daytimer, organize my files, pay my bills, water my plants, buy a house, buy some lipstick, buy a boat.

Therefore, I can’t possibly even CONSIDER staying TRUE to my _______ (insert nutrition), which I KNOW is the first habit of health I need to put in place in order to begin getting the results I want, let ALONE start working on the other habits of health,
Suggestions include: “Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan” or “Transition Plan” or “Optimal Health 3&3 Plan”)

But I can always start __________________ (insert date - any other date but TODAY),
Suggestions include: NEXT Monday, NEXT Tuesday, NEXT Wednesday, NEXT Thursday, NEXT Friday, NEXT Saturday, NEXT Sunday, NEXT week, NEXT New Year’s Day, tomorrow, next month, next year, after my next birthday (in 7 months), after Christmas (it’s March 18th), after “the holidays” (whichever one is next, or better yet, the one AFTER the one that’s next).

Because THEN I’ll probably have more _______________(emotion, perceived state or external circumstance you THINK you LACK which is CAUSING you to not “be able to” begin today).
Suggestions include: willpower, motivation, support from my family, support from my coach, money, time, bandwidth, superhuman/supernatural power, pixie dust from the diet fairy.


I’m so ________________________________(insert positive emotion)
Suggestions include: happy and grateful, overjoyed, peaceful, hopeful,

That TODAY, in THIS MOMENT, RIGHT NOW I have the ability to choose to become the person I always wanted to BE. This best version of me is ____________________ (describe the “you” that you want to become).
Suggestions include: confident, healthy, purpose-driven, passionate, successful, living his/her dreams, smiling at the future, living a life of intention

TODAY, I will be working on my healthy habits(s) of _______________(insert habits of health I’m working on presently.
Suggestions include: nutrition, motion, emotional management, community, sleep, mindfulness

Which, as I practice daily with consistency, bring me closer to achieving _____________________________________________________________(insert goal or goals).

Next _________ (insert time frame like “week” or “month” or “year”) I can see myself enjoying my improving health as I _____________________________________(insert activity)
Suggestions include: walk on the beach, play with my grandkids with ease and comfort, go on that Disneyland ride, take a hot-air balloon ride, ski the slopes, participate in that race, model health for my family, help others get healthy too

I know that the habits that I practice ________________ (insert “TODAY, RIGHT NOW”) will create the ME  I desire to BE.


I know that when I complete a daily healthy habit action plan in the morning I feel better both short-term and long-term. Practicing self-care in this way is a priority that I want to live out authentically every day because I am BEING today that person I desire to BECOME.


My Habits of Health TODAY _________________________ (date)

Planned Nutrition/Hydration _______________________________________________________

Actual Nutrition/Hydration ________________________________________________________

Planned Activity/Motion__________________________________________________________

Actual Activity/Motion____________________________________________________________

Planned Mindfulness Activity ______________________________________________________

Actual Mindfulness Activity ________________________________________________________

Planned Healthy Community_______________________________________________________

Actual Healthy Community_________________________________________________________

Planned Personal/Emotional Development ____________________________________________

Actual Personal/Emotional Development______________________________________________

General Review Notes and Observations_______________________________________________

5&1, Transition, 3&3 (with or without fuelings)
64 oz minimum
Always speak to your Physician before beginning a program with a weight loss-component. Consult with your coach to individualize your nutrition plan to fit your particular health goals.

If in 5&1: If you were exercising regularly before you started the 5&1, cut your time and intensity in HALF for the first 3 weeks, no more than 22 minutes per day of light/moderate activity. After 3 full weeks on the 5&1 program you may engage in up to 45 minutes light/moderate exercise per day
If in Optimization phase (3&3) you are not limited to 45 minutes per day. Consult Dr. A’s Habits of Health for ideas, and it is recommended to check with your Physician before beginning an exercise program if you have any underlying health conditions that may warrant caution.

Mindfulness Activity:
Guided mindful meditation, spiritual devotions and quiet time, practicing mindful awareness such as body scans, having a massage or a thoughtful sauna. Consult Dr. A’s Habits of Health for some guidance in this area. There are also free resources online at many university-based mindfulness institutes around the nation.

Healthy Community
Examples can include listening to a live or recorded Habits of Health Webinar, Engaging and participating on the Client Support Facebook Page (giving encouragement to others, posting encouraging breakthroughs or challenges), and in-person hangouts or other activities with healthy-minded friends. Also, encouraging others on their journey (coaching) can be a part of this in a big way, to build healthy community around yourself by helping to provide it to others. Ask your coach for suggestions if you would like some help in this area.

Personal/Emotional Development

Examples include: Dr. A’s Habits of Health Book and workbook, non-fiction personal development book or podcast or video/webinar in areas of interest, such as leadership, emotional intelligence, managing emotional quotient (EQ). Ask your coach for suggestions if you would like some help in this areas.

Seemingly Small Improvements Practiced Daily

I heard this concept 7 years ago.
I was at a Leadership Conference at the JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort, and the keynote speaker Wayne Scott Andersen flew in for the weekend was Robin Sharma. What we learned that weekend was what I quote and has become a guiding principal of the #powerofCONSISTENCY in my own journey. The quote is "Seemingly small improvements, practiced daily over time, produce stunning results."

It's not what we do ONE DAY (usually January 1st yearly, if you know what I mean....LOL) that matters, but it is what we do EVERY DAY that matters.
Which is why the most effective way to change our lives is truly to decide on a course of action that initiates small but HIGH LEVERAGE changes we can bring in to our TODAYS, each and every TODAY, that will add up to massive transformation. Stunning transformation, both inside AND out.
I drew this graph and wrote out the quote, and have it posted on my cupboard so I can see it daily. You see, everyday we ARE making deposits or withdrawals in our "wellbeing" account. In our physical health, in our emotional health, in our relationship health, all of these "seemingly small" deposits or withdrawals are, in effect, COMPOUNDING. We may not see it right away, we may not even notice it, until we get past that line I drew on the graph on the top of the page (see picture). Then, the curve becomes undeniable.
Take health, for instance. When we aren't "paying attention" we are, in effect, living potentially unhealthy habits by default. These are "withdrawals" from our physical health account.
Since we are NOT fragmented people who have clear lines of compartmentalization between physical, emotional and spiritual realms of individuality, these withdrawals are ACTUALLY coming from our WHOLE person, and EVERY area, and each both effects AND responds to the other. There is either harmony or dissonance. And we feel it FULLY throughout our entire person.
Many people think that since their "labs are fine" or they don't have any apparent "aches or pains" (chronic or acute), right NOW, that they are "healthy". However, in this culture and in this day and age I can almost guarantee you that if you are not mindfully CREATING health in your life, the likely truth is that you are unwittingly making daily compounding withdrawals from your health account.
A quick spot check for you to consider is to answer these questions:
Do you have a structure and intentionality that you follow more days than not for your daily nutrition and hydration?
Do you have a structure and intentionality that you follow more days than not for your daily or weekly motion?
Do you have a structure and intentionality that you follow more days than not for your sleep?
Do you have a structure and intentionality that you follow more days than not for handling the daily stresses of life?
Do you have a structure and intentionality for your relationships/community involvement?
There is no coasting, there is no stasis. In fact, if someone appears to be "maintaining" a level of health in any of these areas, they are in actuality either improving or declining. They may simply have not yet made it past the vertical line I drew on the graph........yet.
But there is GREAT NEWS FOR YOU, even if you have NOT been mindfully paying attention or developing and acting in routine and structure designed for improvement, no matter WHERE you are on that graph! Did you read that? NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE on that graph, you can begin TODAY to practice health. You can begin TODAY to bring in those "seemingly small improvements" that will compound over time.
You simply need a solid plan. And that plan really needs to include these four elements for it to be successful long-term and for a lifetime, according to evidence-based research:
Structure that will predictably move you towards your goals
One-on-one loving accountability
Systematic education for the "how's and why's"
Participation with other like-minded people in community
I hope the one person I wrote this for is inspired into action. I don't know who you are, but I wrote it for you. Raise your hand and let's get started.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Bioluminescent Bays and a new perspective on the phrase "getting into the weeds" - Stacy Phillips


This morning I was reading a story about bioluminescent bays and how the recent hurricanes have effected them. The thought provoking article interested me for several reasons. Firstly, I have kayaked in a bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico at night, and was in awe at the display of beauty and life before me as my kayak buddy and I literally bounced into mangrove trees. I was a newbie at both kayaking and mangrove trees.

Secondly, the mechanism behind these tiny glowing bacteria and the conditions in which they give off their beautiful light can offer some parallels to our own experiences, our own journeys.

Let me explain. No, too long, let me sum up.

In the article (see link), scientists admit that these bioluminescent bays are still a bit of a mystery to them. They've studied how and why they have success, what conditions they thrive in, and truly don't have all the answers.

In the Caribbean, there are a few such bioluminescent bays or lagoons that glow year-round: three in Puerto Rico, one in St. Croix, one in Jamaica, and one in the Cayman Islands. That this combination of unlikely, astounding factors comes together to create a perennial nursery for a diverse community—fish, mollusks, birds, insects, reptiles, and more—is remarkable. Bioluminescent bays are vastly understudied, says Michael Latz, a research biologist at the University of California, San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography. But they shouldn’t be.

“They’re excellent natural laboratories to look at ecosystem competition, the effect of nutrients, and the impact of environmental conditions,” he says. “Why are they so successful? It’s a scientific mystery. We don’t have the full answer.”

Embedded in the mystery of bioluminescent bays is their extraordinary resilience. Hurricane Maria tore through both Laguna Grande (the bioluminescent lagoon at Cabezas de San Juan) and Mosquito Bay, on the nearby little island of Vieques. But nature varies in its resilience, as people do—as such, Mosquito Bay and Laguna Grande responded differently to Hurricane Maria.

One thing they DO know about the mechanism of the tiny single-celled aquatic phytoplankton, a species of dinoflagellate called Pyrodinium bahamense which produces bioluminescence (light produced by chemical reactions in the bodies of living things) is that the bioluminescence is activated when this organism is "agitated".

Yes, it's environment of change activates the glow! No change, no glow! Isn't that similar to our own lives? It is through adversity, change or challenges that our inner light can glow for others to see!

The second thing of note I took from the article was that we can learn from studying that ecosystem with respect to "the effect of nutrients and the impact of environmental conditions." You see, we all have our own little "ecosystems" that we call "us". Nutrients and the impact of environmental conditions effect our individual ecosystem also! My individual ecosystem is called "Stacy". What conditions am I putting in and around my ecosystem for its benefit, and to encourage my ecosystem to thrive? Sounds like philosophy, but it truly is something to think about. Am I feeding my bioluminescence?

When the hurricane came in and lowered the salinity of the water these glowing phytoplankton lived in, it was as if the bay experienced it's own blackout. The little guys contained everything within them to shine, yet they weren't shining because of the conditions around them, the salinity of the water. They still had the capacity, but their numbers were dwindling and thus, their net bioluminescent effect. More phytoplankton in the bay, more shine. One shining phytoplankton is good, but billions are better!

What environment do WE shine in? Do we do what we can day in and day out to protect that environment?

The third thing that caused reduced shining was weeds. Yes, weeds. When things stagnate, and weeds or Sargassum proliferate, the population of bioluminescent phytoplankton decrease. How often are we living life in the weeds? What are we giving our attention to that is sucking our bioluminescence right out of us? Keeping us from shining?

Lastly, it's all still kind of a mystery, which always makes things exciting!

“The lagoon is a fresh book to read,” she says. “Sometimes you can have bioluminescence when the conditions are not supposed to be good for it. And sometimes you have the good conditions but you don’t have bioluminescence.” Biologists hope to figure out how and why these anomalies occur. What do these strange and beautiful phenomena have to teach us about the dynamics of tropical ecosystems, and just how resilient are they? Scientists are still on the hunt for answers, but one thing’s certain: It’s hardship that brings to life nature’s capacity to repair and renew.

So what I've learned today is the following:
Keep shining.
Encourage GLOW.
Protect your ecosystem with the proper nutrients and environment.
Maintain your ecosystem.
Keep the weeds out and stay out of the weeds.
Know that hardship and adversity can bring renewal.

Monday, June 4, 2018

"I Could Never Eat Processed Foods" - Really?

"Oh I could never eat packaged foods"? 
There is a difference between "processed foods" and "foods that have been processed". The functional fuelings we use in the program we coach falls into the SECOND category. Would you call baby formula processed food? "Oh, my baby doesn't do processed food" - said no one, EVER. Even breast milk has been "processed" and scientifically designed to be delivered in the appropriate form for that baby to grow, with everything that baby needs to thrive in his/her health. So, processed cannot be deemed "good" or "bad" absent the CONTEXT of the how/why/purpose of the processing. 
Our fuelings are functional foods designed for the PURPOSE of sending our bodies the instructions to utilize the long-term energy that it has stored, WHILE providing us nutritionally with everything we need for the PURPOSE of creating health in our lives. The FOOD industry has purposefully created "hyper-palatable" processed foods designed to trick the body into craving more so we will over-consume them because the high-fructose corn syrup, sugar, fat and salt are added in such a way to make us want MORE. Athletes, astronauts and military who are deployed overseas ALL eat "processed foods", but again it is because they are scientifically formulated to allow for maximum performance and nutrition in a form convenient and practical for them to achieve their mission/goals. MRE's in the military are "packaged", sports nutrition is "packaged", astronaut food is "packaged". You've got to look at purpose and context. Heck, when someone is in the hospital do they receive "packaged/processed" nutrition? 100% yes. So it isn't the fact that it is packaged/processed that makes it good/bad, you have to look at WHO designed it, and the PURPOSE it was designed, and WHAT it is comprised of. Also consider the following "processed" foods: Multivitamins, pasta, tofu, probiotic capsules, fish oil capsules, olive oil, wine, tea sachets, ANYTHING EDIBLE IN YOUR PANTRY OR REFRIGERATOR THAT HAS BEEN PURCHASED AT A GROCERY STORE OR SENT TO YOU THROUGH THE MAIL. Just because it has a list of ingredients and comes in a package does not mean it is good OR bad in and of itself. WHAT are those ingredients? WHY were they put there? WHAT is the effect of those ingredients, either alone or in combination with each other, on the body?

Even fresh organic fruit and vegetables that you purchase anywhere other than the farm stand on location at the farm it was picked at is "processed and packaged". Things must be processed and packaged in order to transport them to where they need to go so the end-point consumer can purchase them. "Oh, no, that's not what I'm talking about, I don't want to eat anything that's not in the form it was grown in."  That is awesome, and I applaud you! So tell me, is that philosophy your regular practice right now? Today? And further, are you practicing healthy habits routinely and daily in your life in ALL the areas of physical health? Do you have a clinically healthy body mass index? Are you physically active at least 150 minutes per week? Are you getting at least 7-8 hours of good quality sleep? Are you able to manage stress in a healthy way? This is the global view of the aspect of our program regarding "healthy body". How about habits of health for the mind? How are your relationships? Do you have a spiritual practice? Do you serve in your community? Do you have hobbies you engage in that allow you recreational time? Do you enjoy your job? What brings you meaning and purpose in your life?

Creating optimal wellbeing is much more than whether you eat food from a package or not. People do not change their lifestyle overnight, and our process baby-steps you from where you are now to where you want to go by setting up the structure for you to progress and bring in habits of health to set the foundation for lifetime transformation, one healthy habit at a time. That's the purpose.