Saturday, July 29, 2017

Never, Ever, Ever, Ever, Ever give up! - Winston Churchill

"Never, ever, ever, ever, ever give up!" - Winston Churchill

I was thinking about this quote by Winston Churchill today, and ruminating on how wise this advice is. The way I relate it to health, and our health journey, is that we should never give up on ourselves, never give up on our potential, never give up on our ability to make a decision to change, and never give up on learning and practicing those habits, those behaviors, that will bring about that change.

You may have already made that decision, and you may be firmly on the road to optimizing your health. You may be taking those baby steps, one day at a time, TOWARDS optimal health.

Conversely, perhaps you were firmly on that road and practicing those healthy habits for 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or more, but somewhere along the line you may have stopped making that daily decision to practice those healthy habits, and what happened is what always happens when we change the instructions we are "feeding" our bodies. Our bodies did exactly what we told them to do.

Or, maybe you have never gotten on the road to really creating optimal health in your life, maybe you have tried so many things in the past, but nothing has helped you learn exactly WHAT to do, WHERE that road to health even is, and HOW to get on it?

Well, the bottom line to bring ourselves from a state of unhealthy and "dis-ease" is to change our daily behaviors. If we are unhealthy, overweight, overtired, overstressed, overworked, etc, what can we do? Obviously something needs to change, but how? What?

We can search the internet high and low, we can look to Dr. Oz and the bariatric surgeons, we can sit back and wait for a pill to be developed, or better yet a computerized chip we can implant in our brains which will inhibit our healthy habits and download new healthy habits. Yes, truly, we can wait, and do nothing in the meantime.

Or, we can choose to make a change today, ourselves, and seek the tools, support and community which will be necessary

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